LRM Consulting
NEWS: LRM Consulting Grows Team, Revenue to Cap Off Strong 2011 Business training expert adds depth to lead generation team as it unveils year-end success. LRM Consulting, one of Boston’s premier business leadership training firms, today announced that it has added six new members to its ...Cont. in News.
LEARNING: We believe Sales is not a department, but a corporate culture. Utilizing industry proven training techniques, we integrate modern technologies to create a lift in sales and increase profit.  Through our signature suite of ready-to-implement Coaching and Sales Tool Boxes©, we posted over $1.2 M dollars in net client revenue this year.
SERVICES:: To get sales, you need to get leads; to get leads, you need a professional building and managing your pipeline. LRM had a banner year for client lead generation. Highlights include a three-month engagement with a high tech start-up yielding a $1.6 million pipeline and $240,000 real revenue gain.
CONSULTING: We have a proven track record in sales and management solutions with Fortune 500 brands including Verizon and Xerox, as well as, smaller companies and nonprofit organizations. Our seasoned management team will implement the best possible actions to move your business forward.